Superior Interpretation Services in Kentucky and beyond.

People Language Connect provides superior interpretation services in various settings.  Our interpreters are among the best in the industry.Globalization and immigration are increasing the need for professional interpreting services.  As more and more business go global, the need for interpreters at conferences and large company meetings is also increasing.  Furthermore the number of US residents who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) is on a steady incline, especially in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Kind of interpretation

  1. Conference Interpreting
  2. Education Interpreting
  3. Legal Interpreting
  4. Medical Interpreting
  5. Over The Phone Interpreting
What kind of interpreting is right for you?

PLC interpreters are proficient in different interpreting techniques which are used depending on the type of event and the requirements.  The most common techniques are Consecutive and Simultaneous.

Consecutive interpreting

During consecutive interpreting the interpretation follows after the speaker. As soon as the speaker has finished or pauses, the interpreter relays the speech in the target language. Using this technique the speech is heard twice, which means that it is important to note that a meeting or discussion can last significantly longer if a consecutive interpreter is used.

When do I need a Consecutive Interpreter?

Consecutive interpreting is often used for medical appointments, meetings and depositions.

Simultaneous Interpreting

During Simultaneous Interpreting the interpreter listens to the speaker and almost simultaneously relays the words into the target language.  Often the interpreter sits in a special listening booth or has special equipment and translates the information into a transmitter so that the intended audience may listen in the target language. This is done usually with a delay of a word or two.  Simultaneous interpreting is very rigorous and demanding of the interpreter, therefore interpreters often work in teams of two and switch off back and forth.

When do I need a Simultaneous Interpreter?

Simultaneous interpreting is commonly used during trials, large meetings and conferences.

People Language Connect will work with you to determine which type of interpretation is necessary for your project.


Accurate Language Services provides top quality translations of documents and websites.  Helping businesses succeed in the global marketplace.

People Language Connect has a worldwide network of expert translators who are qualified and highly skilled in their language pair and specialty field.  All translations are done from a working language into their native languages, ensuring that cultural nuances are intact.  The end goal is a translation that sounds natural to the target audience. All of our translators undergo a strict vetting process, we only team up with the best in the industry.   Each translator is a specialist in their respective field.  Most of our translators are ATA certified and also certified in their country of residence.

Regardless of the size of your translation project, PLC provides quality and excellent translation services for each project.   Projects are handled by professional translator(s) and a project manager following PLC’s strong> 5-Step Quality Assurance Process: 

Step 1. Scope Definition with Client

In the initial step, the client and the project manager will discuss client’s requirements and goals of the project. During this time Accurate Language Services will conduct a review of the technical nature of the document, and calculate the price and turnaround time of the translation.

Step 2. Terminology Review with Client

In this stage the project manager reviews the material to be translated. As a result of this review, if necessary, the project manager will define translation and style guidelines. If more than one translator is used for a project, a common glossary may be created and used by all translators, to ensure consistency in the translated documents.

Step 3. Translation

The translation stage is the most important element of any translation. For each translation project we select translators who are experienced in the subject matter and who are native speakers of the target language. We are committed to ensure each project is translated accurately and on time, in the most effective manner.

Step 4. Quality Control, Editing and Revision

Once the translation is completed, an editor will review the translation for accuracy and consistency.

Step 5. Delivery and Customer Feedback

Upon completion of the project, the translated items will be submitted to the client as previously specified.  Feedback is welcome throughout the contract period to ensure satisfaction with the translation.